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Forrest Hoskins and his youngest daughter.

Moonscapes 3D is a Western-Colorado based company that specializes  in scale enlargements and reductions. Started in 2000 by Forrest Hoskins and David Moon, Moonscapes 3D has assisted over 100 artists in speeding the enlargement process.

Our central location allows us to serve clients across the West, and we are happy to help arrange delivery of pieces across the country.

Our reputation is our most important asset-our tenacity shows that we are doing something right.  Moonscapes 3D is a family company, and doing things right is our way of life

Rather than spend months on the arduous clay-up process, we have been helping artists by creating perfect, to-scale foam versions that only require a quick clay-up and details before heading off to the foundry.

Moonscapes3D also can help you create signs for your business that will stand out about the crowd.

Let Forrest use his extensive experience and expertise to improve your process and save time.

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